Are you planning a trip to Japan and have no idea where to start? Here are some travel tips and destinations we have experienced on our visits to Tokyo and surrounding precincts of Honshu Island.

Japan has many modern (Western) style places to rent, as well as AirBnB and traditional Japanese Inns (Ryokens) where you can experience the traditions of Japan. Japan also has the best and most effective public transportation system in the world, making it easy to get around the country.

Australia is a vast continent and has incredible food, wine and wildlife experiences to discover. There are so many things to see and experience, that it would take many years to do so. We have been to a few places but there are so many more to discover and experience.

Some of the must see place are; Australia’s Wild Northwest Coast. The Kimberley is a place that many Australians have dreamed of, but not many have been to, including us. One day soon.
The Outback. Every Australian dreams of standing in front of Uluru at sunrise, or visiting the rich red sand and multi hued landscape of the opal fields.
Tasmania is a land of beauty and retains a rich history of colonialism with amazing architecture and natural wonderland.
Tropical Queensland, is vast and awe inspiring with its natural beauty, but holds danger as well, for the unwary.
The Great Ocean Road is a gem of Victoria’s coastline, with sheer limestone cliffs, beautiful beaches, surf and more.

New Zealand has two islands, the North and South. The land of the long white cloud is an amazing place to visit and if you have watched The Lord of The Rings, then you can get some idea of the scenery you can expect. We have been several times and hardly scratched the surface of this amazing land.

Stunning vistas over glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains, labyrinths of caves, many covered with the mesmerizing lights of thousands of glow worms, world class ski fields, sky diving, bungy jumping, white water rafting, game fishing and so much more is available for all to see.
New Zealand